Competition Results

Competition Results


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Mini Enduro Series 400 Results

Temora (NSW) Enduro, June 8, 9 & 10 Results

Current Standings in Enduro Series as at June 1st, 2024

WA CDE Championships, Dwellingup, June 1 & 2 Dressage, Cones, Marathon, Summary, Grading

WA Level 3, Dwellingup, June 1 & 2, Dressage, Cones, Marathon, Summary, Grading

Southern Cross Scramble, May 24, 25, 26  Results

Mornington Indoor May 18 & 19,   Saturday   Sunday

Ruffy Enduro, May 4, 5 & 6,  Results

Victorian CDE Championships, April 27 & 28, Greenvale. Dressage, Marathon, Cones, Summary, Grading, Teams

Level 3 CDE, April 27 & 28, Greenvale   Dressage, Marathon, Cones, Summary, Grading

Skye Park Victorian Dressage Championships April 13, Longwood,  Results

Magnetite National CDE Champs, March 30/31, April 1,  Results Grading

Border Carriage Club, NSW, GDDQ March 30/31,  Saturday     Sunday

Central Highlands PHC GDDQ March 9 & 10 Saturday Dressage Cones  Sunday Dressage Cones

Mini Enduro Ardlethan, NSW, March 2, 3 & 4,  Results

Oaklands/Northern Country GDDQ February 23 & 24   Friday    Saturday

Longwood GDDQ Feb 17 & 18  Saturday    Sunday

Frakel Farming Show Driving Champs, Feb 11, CHPHC  Results

Trickeys Diesel Dash for Cash, Feb 11, CHPHC Results

Skye Park Prom Coast L3 CDE Jan 27/28,  Dressage, Cones, Marathon, Overall, Grading

MPPHC GDDQ, January 26th Results


Battle of the Border, Mullengandra, NSW Dec 1, 2 & 3 Dressage Marathon Cones Overall Grading Teams

Skye Park Australian Classic, Longwood, November 18 & 19  Dressage  Cones  Marathon  Summary  Grading

NSW CDE Championships, Gundagai November 4 & 5   Results

Level 3 CDE Gundagai, November 4 & 5  Results

CHPHC L3 CDE Dressage Marathon Cones Summary Penalties Grading

Southern Cross Scramble October 13, 14 & 15

NSW GDD Championships Oct 7  Results

SA CDE Champs Oct 1 & 2  Summary

Pioneer CCD GDDQ   September 16/17    Saturday     Sunday

Indoor Final, Central Highlands September 10th,  Results  Speed Cones

GDCD Indoor August 26/27,  Saturday     Sunday

Zilco Ashes Series August 12/13, Southern Highlands Club, NSW  Results

CHPHC Indoor August 12/13, Saturday  Sunday    Cones Saturday Sunday

Oaklands Indoor July 29/30  Saturday    Sunday

Level 3 CDE, Southern Carriage Driving Society, SA  June 11 & 12  Summary

Murray WA, June 3 & 4,   Level 3 CDE,               Level 4 CDE

MPPHC Indoor Qualifier May 20 & 21    Saturday  Sunday

Ruffy Enduro May 6, 7, 8  Results

Australian CDE Championships Boorowa, NSW Easter 2023  Dressage Marathon  Cones Summary  Grading Teams

Level 4 Boorowa Easter 2023  Dressage Marathon  Cones  Summary  Grading

Victorian Driven Dressage Championships March 26th Results

Victorian Show Driving Championships March 25th  Results

Victorian CDE Championships March 18 & 19 Dressage Cones Marathon Summary Grading Teams

Level 3 Oaklands March 18 & 19  Dressage Cones Marathon Summary Grading

Skye Park Classic L2 CDE March 11 & 12  Dressage  Cones Marathon Summary Grading

CHPHC GDDQ March 4 & 5  Saturday   Dressage    Cones    Sunday    Dressage  Cones

Geelong DCD Level 3 & 4 CDE   Results

Geelong DCD GDDQ  Results

EVPHC GDDQ February 11 & 12   Saturday    Sunday

Prom Coast CDE February 4 & 5, Dressage   Cones   Marathon   Summary   Grading

Oaklands GDDQ January 29th  Results

Pioneer Country Australia Day GDDQ January 26th Results


Battle of the Border Dressage Cones Marathon Overall Grading

Murray District (WA) CDE October 22 & 23, Dressage Cones Marathon Overall Grading

Oaklands GDD October 22  Results

Oaklands Indoor Final August 28th  Results

Oaklands Vic Driven Dressage Championships Results

Geelong Indoor Qualifier August 13 & 14   Saturday   Sunday

Central Highlands Indoor  August 6 & 7      Saturday     Sunday

Oaklands Indoor July 30 & 31    Saturday   Sunday

Mornington Peninsula Indoor July 17   Sunday

Oaklands GDDQ May 28 & 29       Saturday       Sunday

Ruffy Enduro Results

Central Highlands GDDQ  April 30  Saturday Dressage Cones  May 1st  Sunday Dressage Cones

Boorowa Easter 2022

NSW CDE Championships Dressage Marathon Cones Summary Grading Teams

Level 4 CDE Dressage Marathon Cones Summary

NSW Dressage Championships Results

Joe Hawkins Cup Marrar, NSW April 2 & 3 Dressage Marathon Cones Summary Grading

Anne Synnot Cup, Marrar, NSW March 20 & 21 Dressage Cones

GDDQ Central Highlands Mar 26 & 27  Saturday Dressage Cones    Sunday  Dressage Cones

Victorian CDE Championships March 12 - 14, Dressage Marathon Cones Summary Grading Teams Penalties

Level 3 CDE March 12 - 14, Dressage Marathon Cones Summary Grading  Penalties

Eastern Vic GDDQ Feb 12 & 13  Saturday  Sunday

Oaklands L3 CDE, January 29 & 30, Dressage, Marathon, Cones, Summary, Grading

Victorian Driven Dressage Championships, Northern Country,  Results


Battle of the Border Dec 10, 11, 12    Dressage Cones Marathon Summary Grading

Longwood L3  Nov 20&21  Dressage  Cones Marathon Summary  Penalties Grading

Longwood GDDQ November 19 Results

Geelong Indoor Qualifier July 10 & 11  Saturday Saturday Speed Cones  Sunday Sunday Speed Cones

Central Highlands PHC Indoor Qualifier July 3 & 4  Saturday Saturday Speed Cones   Sunday  Sunday Speed Cones

Central Highlands PHC GDDQ May 15 & 16 Saturday Dressage Cones  Sunday Dressage  Cones

Ruffy Enduro May 1/2/3

Central Highlands PHC GDDQ   Saturday Dressage   Cones      Sunday  Dressage  Cones

Skye Park Vic CDE Champs Longwood April 3,4,5 Dressage Marathon Cones Summary Teams Penalties Grading

March 2021 Joe Hawkins Cup  Dressage  Marathon  Cones Summary   Grading

March 13 & 14 Maffra GDDQ  Saturday Dressage  Cones   Sunday Dressage  Cones

Feb 27 & 28 L3 Geelong    Dressage   Marathon   Cones   Overall  Grading

January 31st Level 4 CDE Oaklands Results

January 30th Driven Dressage Oaklands Results




Online Photo Show     April  May   June

Skye Park Victorian Show Driving Championships  March 8th  Results

Longwood DDQ March 7th  Results

Geelong DCD L3 CDE Feb 22 & 23  Dressage Marathon Cones Summary  Grading

Eastern Vic L4 CDE Feb 8 & 9   Dressage    Marathon    Cones   Summary

Eastern Vic GDDQ Feb 8   Results

Gippsland PHS Graded Driven Dressage Qualifier  Feb 2   Dressage    Cones

Mornington Peninsula PHC Graded Driven Dressage Qualifier Feb 1    Dressage    Cones


Central Highlands DDQ  Dec 14 & 15   Saturday   Dressage Cones       Sunday   Dressage    Cones

Geelong DDQ - Dec 7 & 8     Dressage  Cones             Sunday  Dressage   Cones

Skye Park Australian Carriage Driving Classic 2019  Nov  16 & 17 Dressage  Cones  Marathon Overall   Grading

NSW CDE Championships Nov 2 & 3  Dressage Cones Marathon Overall Teams Grading   Level 4 Dressage Cones Marathon Overall Grading

Silver Anniversary CDE Witwood October 19 & 20  Dressage Cones Marathon Overall Grading

Pyrenees Ranges Driven Dressage Qualifier October 12 & 13  Results

Northern Country Level 4 CDE Oct 5 & 6 -  Dressage Cones Marathon Overall

Oaklands Driven Dressage Qualifier Sep 28 & 29  Saturday Dressage Cones    Sunday 
Dressage   Cones

Mornington Peninsula PHC Driven Dressage Qualifier Sep 21 & 22   Saturday   Sunday

Murrami Level 3 CDE September 2019  Dressage   Marathon  Cones  Overall  Grading

Indoor Series 2019

Indoor Final  Precision & Paces   Cones  MO's    Final  Scores     Overall Placings

Geelong &DCD   Saturday  Speed Cones       Sunday       Speed Cones

MPPHC  Saturday   Sunday  

Central Highlands  Saturday   Sunday   Speed Cones

Eastern Vic Saturday Speed Cones   Sunday   Speed cones

Northern Country Saturday    Sunday

April 20,21,21 (Easter) Alcoa National CDE Championships, Dwellingup, WA   Results

March 30 & 31 - Skye Park CDE Victorian Championships Dressage Cones Marathon Overall  Teams  Grading

March 30 & 31 - Level 4 CDE Greenvale Dressage Cones Marathon Overall

March 23 - Skye Park Show Driving Championships Results

March 24 - Skye Park Graded Driven Dressage Championships Results

March 16 & 17 - Joe Hawkins Cup, Marrar, NSW Dressage  Cones  Marathon  Overall  State of Origin   Grading

March 2 & 3 -Central Highlands Dressage Qualifier  Saturday Dressage  Cones    Sunday Dressage Cones

February 22 & 23-Geelong DCD Level 3 CDE  Dressage  Cones Marathon Summary  VSE Marathon VSE Summary  Grading

February 8 & 9-Ruffy Enduro Results

March 9& 10 - Eastern Vic Driven Dressage Qualifier Saturday Sunday Cones Sat    Cones Sunday


December 1 & 2 - Geelong & District Carriage Drivers Driven Dressage Qualifier   Saturday   Sunday

November 17 - Equitana Results

November 10 & 11 - Skye Park Australian Carriage Driving Classic   Dressage  Marathon  Cones  Summary Grading

October 27 & 28 - NSW CDE Championships Dressage Cones Marathon Summary Grading  Level 4 Event Dressage Cones Marathon Summary Grading

September 29 & 30 - Oaklands Driven Dressage Results

Mornington Peninsula Indoor Results  Saturday     Sunday

September 15 & 16 - Murrami, NSW Dressage, Cones, Marathon, Overall, Grading

September 9 - Indoor Final Results

August 26 - Oaklands Indoor Qualifier  Results

July 18 & 19 - GDCD Indoor Qualifier   Saturday   Sunday  Speed Cones

July 28 & 29 - NCCD Indoor Qualifier   Saturday   Sunday

June 30 - MPPHC Indoor Qualifier   Saturday    Sunday

June 23 - Elmore (Victoria) Indoor Qualifier   Saturday P&P, Saturday Cones, Saturday MO's & Final, Saturday Speed Cones, Sunday P&P, Sunday Cones, Sunday MO's & Final, Sunday Speed Cones,

April 28 & 29 - Greenvale Classic   ACDS Level 2     FEI 2*    FEI 1*

April 15 - Skye Park Equine Tailors Australian Driven Dressage Championships Dressage Cones

April 14 - Victorian Driven Dressage Championships, Maffra   Dressage   Cones   Freestyle

Easter - Skye Park Australian CDE Championships Witwood  Dressage  Marathon Cones Overall Teams

March 24/25 - Central Highlands Driven Dressage Qualifier    Dressage Saturday    Dressage Sunday  Cones Sat    Cones Sunday

March 10, 11, 12 - Victorian CDE Championships Dressage Marathon Cones Overall Grading Teams

February 24 & 25 - Bellarine Level 3 CDE  Marathon    Summary

February 10 & 11 - Eastern Vic Driven Dressage    Saturday     Sunday

MPPHC Driven Dressage February 2018  Dressage   Cones


Koonoomoo Driven Dressage October 2017  Results

Skye Park Classic, Longwood, November 11 & 12   Dressage, Marathon, Cones, Summary, Grading

NSW CDE Championships Witwood November 4 & 5   Dressage  Marathon Cones Overall  Grading  L4 Dressage  L4 Marathon  L4 Cones Level 4 Overall

Oaklands Driven Dressage October 28th & 29th   Saturday Dressage  Sunday Dressage  Saturday Cones

Canberra Club, Cootamundra Level 3 CDE  Dressage   Cones   Marathon  Overall

CHDTC Level 4 CDE Summary

Victorian Indoor Final    Results

Murrami, NSW Level 3 CDE  Summary

Oaklands Indoor Qualifier Results  Indoor   Speed Cones

EVPHC Indoor Qualifier, Maffra, 22-23 July 2017:  Saturday    Sunday

CHDTC Driven Dressage June 2017  Results    pdf

Pioneer Indoor Qualifier  Saturday    Sunday 

Victorian Driven Dressage Championships   Dressage   Cones

Oaklands Driven Dressage Saturday   Sunday   Cones

Australian CDE Championships, Monarto, SA  Dressage,  Marathon, ConesOverall

Joe Hawkins Cup, Marrar, NSW Dressage Marathon Cones Overall Three Phase Event Dressage Marathon Cones Overall

Mornington Peninsula Pleasure Harness Club Driven Dressage Results

Skye Park Victorian Combined Driving Championships  Dressage   Marathon  Cones Overall  Teams

Bellarine L3 CDE & VSE 3 Phase   Dressage Marathon Cones Overall    VSE Results Overall   Marathon

Eastern Vic Driven Dressage Days  Day One  Dressage   Cones       Day Two Dressage Cones

Northern Country Dressage Results Day One   Day Two

Bellarine Driven Dressage Results   Saturday Dressage   Cones         Sunday  Dressage Cones

Equitana Results

Huntly Level 4 & VSE Three Phase     Dressage  Marathon  Cones  Overall     VSE Three Phase

NSW CDE Championships Dressage, Marathon, Cones, Overall,    Level 3 Dressage, L3 Cones, L3 Marathon, L3 Overall

FEI 1* & 2* Tamworth Dressage, Cones, Marathon, Overall

Mornington Peninsula PHC Driven Dressage Qualifier    Saturday Dressage  Cones  Sunday Dressage   Cones

Indoor Finals Results

Oaklands Horse and Carriage Driving Club Indoor Qualifier Results

Pioneer Country Carriage Drivers Indoor Qualifier Day One Day Two

Mornington Peninsula Pleasure Harness Club Indoor Qualifier Results

Bellarine Harness for Pleasure Club Indoor Qualifier  Day One  Day Two

Gippsland Pleasure Harness Society Indoor Qualifier, Elmore

CHDTC Indoor Qualifier, July 2016 Day One  Day Two

Mornington Graded Driven Dressage, 19th June 2016: dressage, cones


Competition Results 2015-2016

Victorian Graded Driven Dressage Championships, May 2016: results

Central Highlands Graded Driven Dressage, 23-24 April 2016, Huntly: Saturday, Sunday

Skye Park Rugs Australian Carriage Driving Championships, 26-28 March 2016, Longwood: Dressage, Marathon, Cones, Summary

Victorian Carriage Driving Championships, 12-14th March 2016, Koonoomoo: Dressage, Marathon, Cones, Summary, Teams

Bellarine L4 CDE, February 2016: Dressage, Marathon, Cones, Summary

Oaklands Training Weekend & CDE, December 2015, Greenvale: Saturday: Marathon, Fault, Two Phase Sunday: Level 4 CDE

Bellarine Graded Driven Dressage, 5-6 December 2015, Inverleigh:  Saturday: dressage, cones   Sunday: dressage, cones

Australian Driving Classic CDE, November 2015, Longwood: dressage, marathon, cones, summary

Oaklands, Victorian Indoor Championship 2015, Kalkallo, 13th September 2015: results

Carriage Horse L4 &Training CDE, Koonoomoo, 5th & 6th September 2015: dressage, marathon, cones, summary

Oaklands Graded Dressage Day, 29th August 2015: results

Eastern Vic, Graded Driven Dressage, Maffra,  23rd August 2015: results

Bellarine Indoor Qualifiers, Inverleigh, 22 & 23 August 2015:  Saturday, Sunday

Oaklands Indoor Qualifier, Kalkallo, 9th August 2015 - results

Carriage Horse Graded Dressage Day, 1st August 2015 - dressage,  cones

Mornington Indoor Qualifier, Balnarring, 19th July 2015 - results

Mornington Indoor Qualifier, Balnarring, 18th July 2015 - results

Carriage Horse Indoor Qualifier, Koonoomoo, 5th July 2015 - results

Carriage Horse Indoor Qualifier, Koonoomoo, 4th July 2015 - results

Carriage Horse Graded Dressage Day, Koonoomoo, 6th June 2015 - results

Bellarine Oz Trec, Inverleigh, 31st May 2015 - results

Mornington Driven Dressage Day, Balnarring, 17th May 2015 - dressage

Eastern Vic Driven Dressage Day, Maffra, 19th April 2015 - dressage


Competition Results 2014-2015

Australian Carriage Driving Championships, 4th - 6th April 2015, Greenvale: Dressage, Marathon, Cones, Penalties, Overall, State Teams

Victorian Driven Dressage Championships, 21st March 2015, Huntly: Dressage, Cones

Victorian CDE Championships, 7th-9th March 2015, Inverleigh: Dressage, Marathon   Cones, Overall

Mornington Peninsula PH Club Level 4 CDE, Balnarring, 22nd February 2015: dressage, marathon, cones, overall

Gippsland Pleasure Harness Society (& Eastern Vic PHC) Graded Dressage Day, Maffra, 15th February 2015: results

Bellarine Driven Dressage Day, Inverleigh, 7th December 2014 - dressage, cones

Bellarine Driven Dressage Day, Inverleigh, 6th December 2014 - dressage, cones

Oaklands Driven Dressage Day, Greenvale, 30th November 2014 - results

Oaklands Driven Dressage Day, Greenvale, 29th November 2014 - results

Equitana Melbourne, November 2014: Obstathon, Jump & Drive, Extreme Team Carriage Driving

Australian Driving Classic, November 2014, Longwood: dressage, marathon, cones, overall

Make a Wish Foundation fundraiser CDE, Carriage Horse, October 2014, Koonoomoo: dressage, marathon, cones, overall

Victorian Indoor Series Final, 14th September 2014, Kalkallo: results

Eastern Vic Driven Dressage, 7th September 2014, Maffra: results

Oaklands Indoor Series Round, 24th August 2014, Kalkallo: results

Mornington Indoor Series Round, 17th August 2014, Balnarring: results

Carriage Horse Indoor Series Round, 3rd August 2014, Koonoomoo: Indoor,  Cones

Carriage Horse Indoor Series Round, 2nd August 2014, Koonoomoo: Indoor,  Cones

Bellarine Indoor Cones, 26th & 27th July 2014, Mt Duneed: results

Bellarine Indoor Series Round, 27th July 2014, Mt Duneed: Indoor

Bellarine Indoor Series Round, 26th July 2014, Mt Duneed: Indoor

Mornington Peninsula Indoor Series Round, 20th July 2014, Balnarring:  results

Central Highlands Indoor Series Round, 13th July 2014, Huntly: Indoor, Cones

Central Highlands Indoor Series Round, 12th July 2014, Huntly: Indoor, Cones

Bellarine Oz Trec, June 2014, Inverleigh: results

Carriage Horse Driven Dressage Qualifier, 4th May 2014, Koonoomoo: Dressage, Cones


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