World Equestrian Games 2010


Photos: Dirk Caremans

..........and it is Gold for Boyd Exell

Gavin came a fantastic 17th and Team Australia placed 5th

Congratulations to Boyd, Gavin and all of their sponsors, grooms, supporters

Gavin Robson here    Boyd Exell here

World Equestrian Games here Driving Digest blog has some great photos: here
USEF Network photos here  
Presentation results - Here

Full dressage results - Here

Team dressage results - Here
Photo links:

Dressage Day 1

Dressage Day 2
Audio from Boyd after dressage test - Here

Dressage Video:

Gavin Robson's dressage test - Here

Part of Boyd Exell's dressage test - here 

Boyd's full test - here

Marathon - results here

Marathon - leaderboard here

Marathon - errors in obstacles  here

Marathon - time in obstacles  here

Team results after dressage & marathon here

Maps of the obstacles -  Here

Marathon photos:

Other drivers here  

Eclipse sports wire 

Slide show here

Marathon Video:

Gavin Robson, Boyd Exell, Chester Weber, Deb Laderoute here

Other drivers here

Gavin Robson - MO 6  here

Boyd Exell - MO 4 here

Boyd Exell - marathon here

Cones course map here

Cones results here

Cones Video:

Gavin Robson here

Boyd Exell here


Boyd Exell - cones - here

Gavin Robson - cones - here


Overall Leaderboard results here

Final Team results here


Medal Ceremony here


Boyd interviewed by Hamish here

Post win interview here

Medal Presentation here