Duckpondslane Finality Rusulka Trophy

Awarded to

Best Marathon Pony 121cm ne 149cm



Finality Rusulka (Rusty), was owned, bred and exhibited by the Lane family, specifically Nicole Allen (now Nicole Linic). The Lane Family had been breeding hackneys for many years, but from the moment Rusty was born, Nicole developed a real connection with her and it was clear that Rusty would become the first Hackney pony that Nicole would compete.  Rusty was a 12.2hh Hackney mare who loved the marathon phase of a CDE. She never really liked the dressage phase, usually ending up with a high score. However she had the amazing ability to make up for that in the marathon, resulting in her winning her class at almost every event she competed.

In her very short life, Rusty won the Victorian CDE Championships and Australian CDE Championships as a Novice and an Open pony and also the Victorian Indoor Championships. She was well known amongst CDE drivers and enthusiasts for her agility and speed in the MO’s.

Rusty was well loved by everyone in the Lane family also, Rodney (Nicole’s Uncle), Brenda (Nicole’s Mum) and Joan (Nicole’s Grandmother) were all extremely proud to see Nicole following in the family footsteps by competing with a home bred and trained hackney pony. It was with Rusty that Dean(Nicole’s boyfriend, now husband) and Brett(Dean's brother)  learned what they now know about harness, grooming and she even gave them their first drive. She really was a special part of the lives of everyone in the family.

In 2010, her last season of competition, along with winning the many CDE’s, including the Australian Championships Open Pony 121-149cm, in Peterborough SA, she was also awarded the 2010 APSB Hackney Pony of the year.  

At the end of the 2010 CDE Season the decision was made to put Rusty in foal, with the hope of her foal being another super marathon pony. Unfortunately on March the 2nd 2011 Rusty passed away, it is believed due to complications from being in foal.

At the time of Rusty’s passing, Nicole and her family were heavily involved in the organization of the 2011 Victorian CDE Championships, so they decided to donate a perpetual trophy in her honour. It was decided that a “big pony” marathon trophy was the best way to remember Finality Rusulka as whether a novice or an open that was where Rusty really shone.  Rusty was like an energizer battery, and would just keep giving. She is still very much missed by everyone at Duckpondslane.


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