Graded Driven Dressage

Dressage Convenor:

Gwenifer Hack

Dressage Panel:                                                                 

Deb Hoffrichter                        

Kate Wholagan

Cheryl Dowling

Margie Morgan

Jacqui Kindblad


Graded Driven Dressage


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 Driven Dressage Manual


  Dressage Tests


Diagonal Yield Notes for Judges and Drivers

The Driven Dressage Grading System can be found in the ACDS Driven Dressage Manual

Once a horse/pony reaches 10 points in a grade they will automatically be UPGRADED to the next level.


Please also note - Grading Points are

HORSE PERFORMANCE based - NOT driver(s)


National Driven Dressage Grading list is located on Federal Website under Publications


Competitors - please check your card against this list

P =Preliminary = 0 - 10


N = Novice = 0 - 10


 E = Elementary = 0 - 10


I = Intermediate = 0 - 10


O = Open = 0- 10


A = Advanced/Open = 0 - 10


Grading Points are allocated for each official test driven as follows:


60-69.99% -1 grading point


70% or over- 2 grading points


10 Points = Upgrade

 Victorian Dressage Judges


Freestyle to Music

Information about required movements are printed in the Driven Dressage Manual which can be found on the Federal Website


 Dressage Abbreviations

Information for the Dressage Penciller

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Updated September 18th, 2018