Carriage Driving DVDs & Videos




Some of these titles are only available on video (PAL/NTSC),so please check your player before buying.

DVDs may be Region coded to a different country,so ensure that your player can play Multi Regions and formats.



An Introduction to Turnout & Presentation (USA) Horse & Cart - Robyn Cuffey (USA)
Between the Shafts (UK) Holding the Reins with John Parker (UK)


Teach Your Horse to Drive Part 1 & Part 2 (USA) Double Up (Pair) (UK)
Long Reining with Wilfried Gehrmann Learning To Drive Multiple Hitches (USA)
Lend a Helping Hand - Caroline Douglas LHHI & Clare Wigmore LHHI, Riding for the Disabled Association (UK) Bending the Driving Horse (USA)
The Driving Certificate (France) Bit by Bit (UK)
Breaking and Training a Driving Horse - Doris Ganton (USA) Doc Hammill's Teaching Horses to Drive (USA)
Breaking to Harness - the expert guide with Clair Wigmore (UK) Train Your Driving Horse - Clay Maier (USA)

Harnessing the Carriage Driving Horse - Gene & Sonya Brown (USA)

Nate Bowers Driving - Preparation for Driving (USA)

Combined Driving

Hitch Up & Drive:  Parts 1, 2 & 3 Competition Driving Parts: 1, 2 & 3
Velstra Driving School: Parts 1 & 2 Combined Driving 101 - Muffy Seaton  (USA)
Carriage Driving at Windsor (UK) Navigating 101 - Muffy Seaton  (USA)
This is Carriage Driving (UK) Horse in Sport - Driving (UK)
This is Competition Carriage Driving (UK) Try Driving Trials (UK)
The Road to Greven - Para driving (UK)  

Heavy Horses

Harnessing Hitching And Driving with Steve Bowers (USA) Doc Hammill's Horsemanship Video Series - Fundamentals I-IV  (USA)
Heavy Going Driving Draft Horses with Brandt Ainsworth (USA)
Training The Driving Horse with Steve Bowers (USA) From the Box Seat (USA)
Heavy Horsepower with Martin Clunes (UK) Harnessing Work Horses with Brandt Ainsworth (USA)
Waverly Midwest Horse Sale (USA) World Percheron Congress 2010 (USA)
Miniature Horses & Ponies
Foundation Training for the Harness Horse - Patty Cloke: Parts 1, 2 & 3 (USA) Basic Skills for the Beginning Driver - Patty Cloke (USA)
Training for Driving Obstacle  - Patty Cloke (USA) Gaits and Motion: Defining the Styles of the Miniature Driving Horse - Patty Cloke (USA)
Training Miniature Horses to Drive - Joanne Ross  


Lowther Horse Driving Trials 2007  (UK) British Horse Driving Trials Association National Championships 2007 (UK)
Royal Windsor Horse Show 2008: carriage driving marathon (UK) The London Harness Horse Parade (UK)
National Carriage Driving Championships 2008 Beekbergen Championships 2009 (UK)
Driving Back to Holker (UK) IHDT National Indoor Driving Championships 2010-11 (UK)

CAI Live Oak International CDE (USA)

World Championships
WM 1994 Vierspanner Riesenbeck (German) WM 1995 Zweispanner Polen (German)
WM 1997 Zweispanner Riesenbeck (German) WM 1998 Einspanner in Ebbs (German)
WM 2000 Wolfsburg Viererzugfahrer (German) WM Zweispanner Riesenbeck 2001 (German)
World Equestrian Games, Spain 2002 - Carriage Driving World Four in Hand Championships, Hungry 2004
World Driving Championship Salzburg 2005 (German) World Equestrian Games, Aachen 2006 - Carriage Driving
Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Kentucky 2010 - Driving Junior World Driving Championships 2010 (UK)


The Art of The Wheelwright - Dave Engel: Evaluating Wheels & Building Traditional Light Wheels (USA)

Limerick to Dublin by Stagecoach (UK)
Sleighs and Sleighbells (USA) A Horseman's Life with Billy Johnson (UK)
Chandler's Coach Shop: Tool & Techniques with Harley Chandler (USA) Lorenzo The Free Man (The flying Frenchman)
Changing Reins: Calgary Stampede (UK) Training Mules & Donkeys: Driving - Meredith Hodges
Carriage Pleasure Driving - Brandywine Valley Driving Club (USA)  


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