Carriage Driving Books



The Essential Guide to Carriage Driving - Robyn Cuffey & Jaye-Allison Winkel (USA)

Driving: An Instructional Guide to Driving Singles and Pairs - Clive Richardson

Learning to Carriage Drive, A step by step guide - Minta Winn (UK) Driving: The Development and Use of Horse-Drawn Vehicles - Clive Richardson

A Guide to Driving Horses - Sallie Walrond

Drive On - Doris Ganton

Allen Photographic Series:

      Harnessing Up - Anne Norris & Caroline Douglas

      Driving - Anne Norris & Caroline Douglas

Threshold Picture Series: 

       Starting to Drive - Sallie Walrond

       Driving Questions Answered - Sallie Walrond

       Driving Do's & Don'ts - Sallie Walrond

Dictionary for Carriage Driving - Author: Hans Krasensky


Progressive Carriage Driving, a lesson-by-lesson guide - Sarah Howe & Sally Taylor  


The Elegant Carriage - Marylian Watney Competition Vehicles - Walter Lorch
Looking at Carriages - Sallie Walrond Carriages: A General Maintenance Book
Australian Horse drawn Vehicles - Ian Badger Wheelmaking: Wooden Wheel Design & Construction - Carriage Museum of America
Buggies & Horse drawn Vehicles in Australia - Peter Cuffley A Dictionary of Horse Drawn Vehicles - D.J.M Smith
Australian Horse drawn Vehicles - Michael Stringer Discovering Horse Drawn Vehicles - D.J. Smith

Horse drawn Carriage Catalogue 1909

Coaches, Carriages, and Carts: Horse-drawn Vehicles in Australia - Peter Foster

The Royal Mews - Mary Stewart-Wilson

Wheelwrighting: A Modern Introduction - Bruce & Joyce Morrison

Whips and Whipmaking - David W. Morgan

Coachmaker - John Ford

The restoration of carriages - George Isles, George The Coachmakers: a history of the Worshipful Company of Coachmakers & Coach Harness Makers 1677-1977 - Editor: Harold Nockolds


Bridlework - Robert Steinke Moseman's Illustrated Catalog of Horse Furnishing Goods  - C. M. Moseman
Harness Making: A Step by Step Guide - Robert Steinke J. J. Weekes Ltd. Catalogue No. 2
Repair your own Saddlery & Harness - Robert Steinke Catalogue of Saddlery, Travelware & Grindery
Allen Photographic Series: Care & Repair of Harness - Robert Steinke Saddlery & Harness Making - Paul Hasluck
Making Harness - Lewis Martin & Daniel Preston  


Breaking a Horse to Harness - Sallie Walrond Principles of Driving - German National Equestrian Federation
Driving a Harness Horse - Sallie Walrond The Art of Driving - Max Pape
Breaking & Training the Driving Horse - Doris Ganton The Driving Horse and his Schooling - Tjeerd Velstra
The Hungarian Driving Style - Tibor Pettko-Szandtner von Felsodriethoma Carriage Driving in the Course of Time - Auguste Dubey
Carriage Driving: A Logical Approach Through Dressage Training - Heike Bean & Sarah Blanchard On the Box Seat - Tom Ryder
Driven Dressage with the Single Horse - Sandy Robinowitz Lungeing - German National Equestrian Federation
Driving & Judging Dressage - HRH Duke of Edinburgh Allen Photographic Series: All about Long Reining - Paul Fielder
Competition Driving on a Shoestring Budget - Jinny Johnson The Art of Long Reining - Sylvia Stanier
Sports Driving - Amanda Saville Show Driving Explained - Marylian Watney and William Kenward

Competition Carriage Driving - HRH Duke of Edinburgh

Judging Carriage Driving - Sallie Walrond

Encyclopaedia of Carriage Driving - Sallie Walrond Thirty Years On and Off the Box Seat - HRH Duke of Edinburgh
Make the Most of Carriage Driving - Vivien & Richard Ellis & Joy Claxton Trot On: Sixty Years of Horses - Sallie Walrond & Anne Grimshaw
Donkey Driving - Vivien & Richard Ellis & Joy Claxton Driving - Duke of Beaufort
Driving a Tandem - Paul Doliveux The Pleasures of Carriage Driving - Claude Choiniere & Noel Vinet
Allen Photographic Series: Putting to a Pair - Caroline Douglas & Sophie Adkins Driving the Light Horse - Charlene Roth
How Good Riders Get Good - Denny Emeson (incl. driving)  
Long Reining to Break Horses to Harness Training the Safe Way - Heinrich Freiherr von Senden  


Heavy Horses
The Book of Draft Horses - The Gentle Giants that Built the World - Donna Campbell Smith Draft Horses: an Owner's Manual - Beth Valentine & Michael Wildenstein
Draft Horses and Mules Harnessing Equine Power for Farm and Show Gail Damerow & Alina Rice.  Draft Horses Today Robert Mischka 
Farming with Horses Steve Bowers & Marlen Steward Training Workhorses/ Training Teamsters Lynn Miller 
Work Horse Handbook 2nd Edition Lynn Miller Clydesdale and Working Horses: A Pictorial History
Fiction (adult & children)
The Cart Before the Corpse: A Merry Abbott Carriage Driving Mystery - Carolyn McSparren One Hoof in the Grave: A Merry Abbott Carriage Driving Mystery - Carolyn McSparren
The Fifth Wheel - Barbara Weir 

Wilson the Dalmatian: Victorian Carriage Dog by Ami Hendrickson (e-book)

Coachman - Sue Millard Black Beauty Anna Sewell

The Carriage Trade (The Carriage Chronicles)- Lisa Deon

The Re-Education of the One Trick Pony (The Carriage Chronicles) - Lisa Deon

Splitting the Difference- Lisa Deon

Little Grey Pony - Hilda Boden

Doodlebug (Republished as: A Horse Named Doodlebug) - Irene Brady

Driven to Win - Helen M. Hogan

The Wednesday Pony - Primrose Cumming Right-Hand Man - K M Peyton
Pony and Trap - Kathleen Mackenzie Crab the Roan - K M Peyton
Defiance at the Inn - Mary May Lady Jane's Ribbons - Sandra Wilson
The Will to Win - Mary May Piebald is Lucky - Mary May
Deep Water at Dereen - Mary May One for Silver, Two for Gold - Mary May
Autobiography & Biography
Driving Finish - Carol Madeline Smith Driving Force - Carol Madeline Smith
Michael Freund - Rudolf Temporini (in German)